Happy Cheester!


  1. yeah!!!! congrats lovely lady! It looks brilliant and is totally YOU! cant wait to see it in the flesh...! AND thank you so much for the mention and comments! thank youuuu..xxx

  2. Thank you sweet Michle! And an extra big thanks for your stick painting and inspiration! xxx & I see you're back from Tassie.. how remarkable is Cradle Mountain! It was snowing when we were there.. so beautiful! Can't wait to see your next installment of photos! xxx

  3. Hi Alenka,

    It was lovely seeing you this morning, hope you enjoyed Eveleigh Market :) Love the shots of the Easter Cheeseshop, looking forward to the Swiss one! :) I've set up a blog as well with some of my photos: http://www.fanaberje.blogspot.com/ blogging seems to be the thing to do these days! Big hugs and happy Easter Bunny xxx

  4. Hey lovely Ania,

    Great to spend some time with you guys too this morning! Thanks for coordinating! The markets were great, came home with lots of fresh produce.

    Love your blog - your photos are great! You've really got the knack! I've added you to my reading list. Happy Easter too & hope you're having a relaxing time up at Russ' folks place! xx