o o o o o o o o Tannenbaum o o o o o o o o o o

I installed an inpromptu christmas tree on a hike in a forest in Sweden recently.. and here it is.. :-)


Garage Door Goodness

I've been a big fan of a wonderful artist's work for quite some time now, and that's Jane Gillings. Here are some photographs she took of 50s and 60s garage doors in the northern suburbs of Sydney. I love them so much and aspire to have one of my very own one day. Read more about this project of Jane's here.



..now on to the writing and the posting! are you making your cards this year too?


Xmas Bake Off

The lovely Hoolia ferried herself over around and we whisked up a snowstorm in the kitchen. A friendly little elf lent his hand too.


Beci Orpin

Cheers Mrs Anna Rummey for the introduction to the magical universe of Beci Orpin! Love her Christmas wreath for Frankie magazine. This lady's hot to trot!