Enchanted forest cubicle

So I embarked on a little diorama project after being inspired by the majestic landscape of Lake Tekapo on the south island of New Zealand. I could stay there forever. This place is famous for it's cerulean blue lake, oceans of night stars and strokes of auroras.. ah the marvels of this planet.



Here is a little display I just pieced together.. The birds nest is the 'connecting dot' to the last post. It was constructed by Aboriginal artist Kathleen Sorensen and was part of Object : Australian Centre for Craft and Design's exhibition Woven Forms. Titled Pilbara Basket, the yellow wool stitching the nest together won me over in an instant.



It may be a bit of old-new news but its beauty is timeless. This light installation in a tree in Burgundy, France titled Nest One was created by Simon Husslein, who describes it as "a woven sphere glowing at sunset.. changing colours symbolize new life plated into a dying tree."

See more of Husslein's projects here.


Speaking of Berlin..

Once, passing a theatre in Berlin, we stopped to admire the beautiful way the light was illuminated in a corridor. Rather than light being emitted from the chandelier, a projection lamp was set on it as if it were (and rightly so) an object of art. And I love the glowing silhouette it cast onto the wall behind. Gorgeous!

Buchstaben Museum, Berlin

The little acrylic letters that I made the mobile out of below were tokens from The Letter Museum in Berlin (a place of wonder!) if you get the chance to go there, do it!


Another handmade mobile for the little one.. this one keeps him amused during nappy change time.