Easter at Shorties

So yes, now I'm doing the VM for Shorties! My dream job! Lots to post but will start off with the Easter window as it follows the last post of the Cheese Shop Easter window. 

For Shorties Easter window I liked a) the idea of babies as hatchlings in an egg and b) the fact that the logo is egg shaped and decided to play on that by making eggs for baby clothes to be pinned on to with the same painted frill of the Shorties logo with a few more spots for Easter decoration.


Easter at The Cheese Shop

A very belated post of The Cheese Shop Easter window, life's been crazy busy with me getting a very new exciting job at one of my favourite shops in the world - Shorties in Newtown! More to follow in the next few posts.



A little present I just finished making for one of the newest little people on the planet. I used 3 sheets of felt, some stuffing, wool and a wool needle and used the blanket stitch, which is really easy to do. Here's the tutorial I found from youtube -