Confused Cumulus

This Easter weekend break I have been busy constructing for the next Cheese Shop window display, the theme being Swiss Cheese & its paraphernalia. While threading my Swiss flag buntings together I had a flashback to the first time that I flew to Germany from Down Under and I recalled looking out of the areoplane window and gasping in disbelief to myself "The clouds are ridiculously pointy in this hemisphere!" As I anxiously looked around to see if anybody else was be taken aback by this phenomenon, nobody blinked twice. Oddly I seemed to be alone on this one. I'm so glad I held myself from blurting out something to the weary strangers sitting next to me because five minutes later in the glowing morning light it dawned on me that it was the Swiss Alps peeking through the mist.  It was a profound realisation.. & a bit of a small blonde marsupial moment.

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