The Flower Markets

I may have mentioned I am doing the decorations for a special wedding coming up in March. So we did a taste tester of the flowers available at the markets last Saturday. Even though my alarm went off at half past three in the morning, it is exciting getting up and driving around when there is nobody on the road, the beautiful moon still shining bright in the sky and having Sydney all to myself.. at least until the sun comes up. We were really happy with the results of our expedition and hope to repeat it all over again in a month's time just before the big day.

p.s in keeping with the flower theme.. I was lucky to pick up some pretty floral sheets for picnicing from the makets next door.

p.p.s you may have seen those gorgeous plates on here before, I just love them! I bought them from this clever lady.


Kleines Regal

We are engulfed by an ever expanding universe of toys that need some sort of housing station.. one of my favourite pastimes are projects like this. I had a little bookcase made up to size and although I'm a big fan of the natural, untreated timber look, our living room is a mixture of dark stained timber and white fabrications.. so I washed the outer casing of the shelves with diluted white acrylic paint so that the grain detail in the timber is still visible and painted the back panels in solid blocks of lemon, gold and sunset orange. The toy universe has come to a halt.. for now.



Wow.. The new Koskela showroom in Rosebery is a ginormous goldmine. It is full of amazing surprises like crochet cacti, rainbow felt ball rugs, flat woven beauties, gorgeous product from Castle & Things.. the list goes on, you simply must go see it for yourself and gasp in its glory.