Going for Gold

The translation for the quirky Korean Millimeter Milligram book reads "Draw Your Reasonable Mind" (which amused my German hubby), found at a little goldmine called Pulp Creative in Sydney. And the delightful Exercise Book, a dear friend of mine brought back for me from an overseas adventure.



There they were, the little trolls from fairytales.. in the Swedish forest. Such a delight to meet them!


Woven Magic

This little beauty has been made by Michele Morcos aka Tiny Trappings. Aren't the colours divine? I feel like that glowing pool of jade is beckoning me to dive right into the bowl. You can purchase this plus more of her wonders at the Tiny Trappings online store.

My very talented friend & Stylist, Vanessa Coyler Tay has featured my photo on her Facebook Styling page. Feeling a wee bit warm and tingly right now...


Painterly Jona

Of course I am a little bias, but I love watching Jona produce amazing pieces of art..!

p.s Jona now shouts 'Maler' when he's painting (German for Painter).

Knitted Treats

My Cheese Shop window has been overtaken by some fabulous installation work that is part of Festival of Mosman's In Situ exhibition. This piece “Nighttime is my Blanket…” was created by Thomas C. Chung, who cooks up amazing knitted visual feasts. Learn more about Thomas here.

Pom pom necklace

A wee while back I made this pom pom necklace for a dear matey of mine. I think constantly being around children's toys are having an impact on me as I have a slight addiction to primary colours.

Little shelves for little people

Recently I 'hacked' a förhöja Ikea cutlery sorter and made it into a display shelf in my son's room. It hardly ever looks full as it does here though as he is so busy taking everthing off it, as soon as he possbily can.

Pots of Colour

Passing by the back shed at my local nursery.. think there is an idea in here.. Watch this space!


Puzzling Alphabet

I was hunting for some cool alphabet magnets for our fridge but nothing teetered into my traps.. then I came across this nice wooden alphabet puzzle, took the letters and shazam now they're magnets and the relief is beautiful all on its own.

favourite roof