Miss Tiny & Mr Big

Michele Morcos' massive three meter triptych, Trip The Light, (2012, Acrylic on Canvas) is one of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen! It was a commission piece for a local Sydney family who are so lucky to be able to see this everyday in their household. The colours, the shapes, the texture, the movement and gestures... you could stare at it all day and get lost in its beauty, so regenerating! See more of Michele's inspiration on her tiny blog.


* * * NEWSFLASH * * *

Hot off the press.. I've just been alerted to the fact that my window display for The Cheese Shop in Mosman has won the Mosman Council's Festive Window Decoration Contest! I wasn't aware that there was a competition but am very happy that there is :-)

Article in the Mosman Daily, Thursday 20th December 2012

 And the Mosman News...


Flying Penguin Christmas window display 2012

So here tis! The aforementioned display for the Flying Penguin toy shop in Newtown.




What an honor to be asked to do a window display for a shop I really admire and enjoy shopping at - The Flying Penguin Extraordinary Educational Toys in Newtown, Sydney. Featuring their top 10 products for Christmas this year, I created a classic living room setting for these classic toys. Hope it catches many a shoppers eye on the bustling King Street.


Meeri Anneli

Loving Meeri Anneli's illustrations for kikki.K's 2012 Christmas windows! More on her here.


Inside Out magazine feature

Yay! Very flattered to have a full page write-up in the current Summer Entertaining Special of Inside Out magazine. Special thanks to Lee Tran Lam, Jessica Hanson, Craig Wall and of course, the wonderful Vanessa Colyer-Tay.


Australian Native Christmas Garlands

In preparation for the festive season I recently crafted some Chrissy buntings from found flora and pom poms (while strictly speaking, one garland isn't native). I then took them over to my mate Anna's place where she kindly photographed them on her beautiful mantlepiece amidst her pretty wares.

The 'how to':

1. Choose roughly 2-3m of thread, this could be anything! I chose some decorative trims from my local craft shop.

2. Decide on your colour and shape combination. (I've kept mine fairly simple and used repetition with these ones).

3. Collect leaves, cones & flowers (I focused on the Gum and Banksia variety) and paint them in your chosen colour combination or leave natural.

4. Or you can make your own leaves by tracing around a leaf for a stencil as I have here on some vintage fabric.

5. Have a stash of pom poms at the ready!

6. Map your garland out on a surface to work on. To create a 'Christmassy' look I made 'Australian mistletoe' by combining two Gum / Banskia leaves attached together with gum nuts / pom poms.

7. Depending on what you are attaching and how heavy it is either glue or hand sew decorations on to thread or attach by tying wool around heavier items. Leave to dry overnight if using craft glue.

Ta da! Your beautiful Christmas garland is ready to hang up! Hopefully on a mantlepiece as beautiful as Anna's! Or around your Christmas tree, window frame....


Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse..




Yep it's in. The Cheese Shop's Christmas window. Hope you like it!

Ans here's a behind the scenes shot ;-)

Hope you all had a nice weekend!