We went and saw The King's Speech up at the picture theatre, loved the film and drooled over all the 1930s wallpaper!

An amazing wallpaper I have stumbled upon in my internet travels are these beautiful palm fronds! I found it over at Fine Little Day and you can source this wallpapaer from here. If only we had some free wallspace in our little flat.. perhaps when we move to Berlin!

 Here are some of the variations of palm fronds available.

Beautiful, aren't they!


Shadow box project

This is a homewares display that I did as a project in my VM class. The bottom sketch / collage is what I envisaged my concept to look like. I really love visual merchandising, it's like creating a 3D painting with physical elements and the principles are exactly the same - line, direction, rhythm, colour, shape, size, proportion, dominance, texture, tone, contrast, harmony, balance, unity.. although I didn't get full marks for this project, I'm always very eager to hear feedback and play around with the elements again (and again and again) and see if it works better. It's much easier than reworking paint!


The Cheese Shop

I have a new gig doing the visual merchandising for my local cheese shop, very excited about it. I installed the window display yesterday peddling cheese wedding cakes and the lovely owner told me that already a few people have come into the shop querying about them from seeing the display. I love it when things work. I'm already cracking onto ideas for the my next display there in a month's time for Easter.

Bondi to Bronte coastal walk collage

I'm all for collages. Firstly I find them quick and easy to whip up and secondly I like the unassuming handmade quality they take on. This particular one I made was for the annual Sculpture By the Sea exhibition at Bondi. I was a gallery assistant one year for Sculpture Inside (where the maquettes are exhibited in the Bondi and Tamarama surf clubs) and they were in need of informing the folk how to get to each club. This is what I came up with as a solution (minus the big red dots marking A to B and logos etc) however Sculpture By the Sea didn't have it within the budget to print a few thousand of them... oh well, at least I knew how to get from A to B.


Upcycled Goodness

 A little while ago I purchased these beautiful English upcycled plates from here. I think they are rad! I'd love to make some simple 70s style, bold coloured crocheted doilies up on the wall to boot.. Like these porch doilies. 

Yes.. LOVE.