Coffee Table Basket

One of Jona & my favourite spots in our place at the moment is the coffee table basket. There's lots of things happening in there.. our pinecone collection, mini logs from a previous window display, wooden toys, colourful glossy balls, sheets of bark we found from a tree nearby, a brown crocheted ball hand made by a lovely friend & a planet earth that pops colour. I love peering in. I wonder what's happening on your coffee table?


tissue paper flower

I have the pleasure of doing decorations & styling at a wedding in a couple of months & have been playing around with ideas. Here's a tissue paper flower I made as a reference for what they might look like scattered down the tables & made into garlands. More photos to come.


Paddle Pop Goes The Cheese Shop

Summer is here in Sydney at last. And we're celebrating that up at The Cheese Shop. Paddle pops, cheese sandcastles, bottled sunshine and servings of salty hair are in stock.. well in the window at least.


Elephants on Parade (Part 2)


Part 1 here. :-)

Fleet Foxes & Beirut

Well I  have been one lucky lady.. only 5 days into this new year and I have seen two incredible gigs at the Sydney Opera House. First up I was invited along to see the Fleet Foxes by the lovely Michele aka tinytrappings.. courtesy of her friend who unfortunately could not make it to the gig. Thanks again Michele and Amelia! All I can say is POW! Fleet Foxes.. we were blown away.

Secondly hubby and I and a few mateys went and saw Beirut.. they were brilliant and confirm the reason why I want our little man to be a trumpeteer.. or a horn instrument player - he can choose :-) I love the brass family and in a range of genres of music i.e 60s swing and jazz, Herb Alpert & Bert Kaempfert era to contemporary Indie folk music. The trumpet toots..


Sass & Bide work experience

I had the fantastic opportunity to do work experience at Sass & Bide. A few of my vm classmates and I were in charge of wrangling meters upon meters of wire to construct three dimensional love hearts and then lather them in layers of gluey muslin fabric. The pretties were then displayed in all the Sass and Bide store windows around the country with fairy lights twinkling within them... so simple and beautiful! It was an amazing experience and very inspiring to meet Clementine Maconachie (Sass and Bides' Visual Merchandiser and former Olympic Athlete!) she's one extremely talented individual!