Zine Fair for the Fans

Last year I attended with an oversized belly, this year with a pram.. both not ieal for navigating through the buzzing hall in the MCA for the annual Zine fair, however both times leaving with some delightful treats. There are so many people busy doing interesting stuff around. Above are a few of the tasters I picked up. I also enjoyed the quirkiness and great presentation styles at many a trestle table. Inspiring!


Happy Mother's Day!

Last year I knitted my Mum this blue scarf for Mother's Day as we celebrated together on a family trip to Germany, I was also 6 months pregnant & imagining this day in a year's time being a mother myself. I have to say it is the best thing ever, I love my 8 month son so much & my Mum and appreciate all the hard work that it takes to look after somebody around the clock! This year a very talented friend of mine has woven a beautiful basket as a present for my Mum. I can't wait to give it to her tomorrow, it is so sweet! Michele is a truly exceptional artist / maker and you can see her basketry & beauties available here.


Block colour & wood

Dreams in Space

Silence is Golden

One of my favourite things..

Since I'm on the Swiss theme here, thought I'd include a glimpse of my all time favourite album - Goldfrapp's Felt Mountain. This was the soundtrack to my first trip to Germany as it was on repeat throughout my travels. I will never tire of this album, it is so beautiful and has an air of magic about it. I play and sing the songs as lullabies to my son when he goes to sleep and it makes me smile.