Walls of Colour

Although I enjoyed the previous colour spectrum arrangement of our shelves (the last three shots), baby-proofing our place gave a welcomed opportunity to play around with the colours and objects 'on display'. Lots of fun!


This week in the letterbox..


She's done it again... my dear friend Lena has sent over another wonderful pair of pants (this time with a matching baby 'scarf') all the way from Oslo. The previous 'farm pants' and 'forest pants' have been hits on the playground and in the German playgroup with Mamas and toddlers alike. Apparently one little girl from our German playgoup could not stop talking about ALL the different animals squeezed onto one tiny pair of pants! A favourite topic that week, her Mama said. Thanks Lenalove, they're gorgeous and I'm gathering Oskar & Emil have matching sets. Can't wait to see pictures!

p.s LOVE the card and colourful wrapping paper painted by the very talented little Emil! See if you can spot them in the last shot on here. xx