The Marimekko Rainbow

Riemukas: joyful, joyous, jubiliant, ebullient

That's how to describe the new Marimekko store on Sydney's King Street in Finnish.
Yup. I died and went to heaven today. The range (the store has the ENTIRE collection and more) the visual merchandising and fitout was exceptionally beautiful, the colours, oh the colours! And the staff were very lovely people.
I think I'll dream in vivid colours tonight.
nite nite x


  1. you are so cute! I can see your excitement in all the photos you took!! Its looks like Christmas came early for you this year!! xxx

  2. Oh it does look like heaven! The kids bedding is amazing, and that mug with the two little characters on it! (Did they have the large print/fabric of that too?)

    I totally forgot to ask you today – did you come home with anything?!?! xx