How to make an Ojos de Dios mobile

I thought I'd show you how to make the 'spider webs' from Jona's birthday party decorations, correctly speaking they're called Ojos de Dios mobiles or God's Eye. You will need the following things - wool (colours and amount of different colours your choice), two sticks / pencils / swizel sticks, scissors and a pom pom if you feel tempted.

 1. First hold the two sticks perpendicular and wrap some wool about five times around a diagonal corner and then from the under side of the sticks, do the same for the opposite diagonal corner (see second pic down from here) to make the stick frame nice and secure.

2. Now wrap the strand of wool under and around one of the 'four' sticks, like in the picture below take the strand up towards where the number '4' is printed on the pencil stick and do the same again - over, under and around, taking the strand over to the next stick working clockwise. (you can work the opposite direction too if you find that's more natural feeling).

3. Keep working around and around...

4. When you're ready to change colours tie the new colour on to the existing colour and now carry on wrapping around the next stick but only holding the new colour.

5. Make the knot sit behind the stick so it's not visible from the front of the work. Cut the old colour strand off just after the knot.

I've added a third colour, using the same instructions in point 4 & 5. You can add as many or as little  colours as you like :-) To finish off, tie the strand of wool in one basic loop on the stick you wish for to be the top of the mobile (that surprisingly secures it) and cut the strand to the desired length for hanging.

From behind..

 With pom pom...

Ta da! Hope that was helpful.. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I loved stopping by! Thank you lady xx

  2. I'm thinking I must make some of these for christmas. So fun and bright. Thanks for the tutorial.