Party hats - how to!

1. Choose some cardboard from the Newsagency or craft shop. I went with an A2 sized sheet to get some height in the hats.

2. Roll into a cone shape & trim edge that will sit on head into a circular shape.

3. Check measurement against head circumference of the average party hat wearer.


3. Secure on outside and inside too with sticky tape.

4.  Have the frills at the ready - some stickers, pom poms for the pinnacle and string to be able to tie up under the chin of the wearer.

5. Employ a Chief party Hat Decorator.

6. Let them loose. They may outsource some duties when gluing on pompoms and taping string to bottom of hats.

Ta da! Here are some party hats patiently awaiting their party duties..

Now, time to party!

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