H;A;P;P;Y; ;T;A;L;K

Last Friday I made a lei at the Happy Talk 'Lei Day' workshop as part of the Art and About festival that's on in Sydney at the moment. My inspiring matey Michele Morcos aka Tinytrappings was assisting Maryann Talia Pau with some fabulous crafting of joyful leis and garlands. The colours and atmosphere in the 'tent' was exciting! I love the vibrant geometric yarn weavings, wovens leaves, plastic bag 'grass skirts' and colourful bold patterns everywhere. (I think an excursion to the Pacific Islands for more of this inspiring goodness could be in order..) The workshops are on for another few weeks in Sandringham Gardens, Hyde Park North and at The Paper Mill. There are also workshops for weaving bicycle baskets and accessories, yarn making, upcycling furniture and book making & binding. Check out happytalk.net.au for more details.


  1. oh what a lovely post! was such a fun day... and it was great you could come and play!!! hope you still have that lippy on? looks so great lady! xx