Shadow box project

This is a homewares display that I did as a project in my VM class. The bottom sketch / collage is what I envisaged my concept to look like. I really love visual merchandising, it's like creating a 3D painting with physical elements and the principles are exactly the same - line, direction, rhythm, colour, shape, size, proportion, dominance, texture, tone, contrast, harmony, balance, unity.. although I didn't get full marks for this project, I'm always very eager to hear feedback and play around with the elements again (and again and again) and see if it works better. It's much easier than reworking paint!


  1. ha ha! Its true...paint is alittle trickier to shift around!! I hear you! love this concept my lovely.. and congrats on the cheese shop gig! Ill have a squizz when Im next up at mosman! xxx

  2. Thanks Miss Michele! Let me know when you're up next and we can coffee! xox